Friday, July 27, 2007


I just wanted to post a sketch I had done recently with a splash of colour included. It's rough, but the process was enjoyable. Going into my colouring phase of the summer where I take on self-made projects in a marathon style deadline in hopes of increasing my learning curve. Other friends are taking the matte painting route and power to them! That's a skill unto its own. It seems much safer over here, by the sidelines.

Things seem to be heating up on the movie end here in Montreal, and there's been no shortage of calls for work on feature films. As I'm working on a comic book project(or two) for the fall, I've had to turn down several opportunities, opting however, not to pass on the odd summer blockbuster(The Mummy 3: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor). Although with so many industry friends making their first films I may have to reassess my workload and accomodate my bros.

Anywho, my first comic book published by the fine folks at AfterShock Comics is primed for release as I knock out pages for the second instalment. The book is called The Sire: Revelations #2 and in Diamond Comics catalogues as we speak. The Aftershock people will be on hand at the Wizard Chicago Con to meet fans and garner support for the title. I won't be in attendance for reasons listed in the previous paragraph, but my thanks and appreciation go out to all the well-wishers and diehard fans of the book. I'll see you next year! For more info on AfterShock or The Sire go to mikebooks.com. Some images are on my webpage of the spandex clad reporter(The Sire) are posted and ready for viewing. Take it in bite-sized chews, or you're sure to get a stomach ache - it's that good! Here's a sample or two, along with my Shazam piece. Cheers!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Beginning of The Beginning...

My cover image for the strip that began its genesis as a idea about a thought that created a universe. It's either the greatest concept I've ever had, or a prelude to my downward spiral into madness and despair. I'm betting on greatness. The rest are the first two episodes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Beginning Of Zero

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog and the home of some of my newest and soon to come comic strips. Since as long as I can remember I've always dreamed of crowning my lifelong pursuits with a career in cartooning and comic strips. Making people chuckle for a moment on their way to work or between subway rides has been a goal I've worked towards for some time, periodically saving reference material on the subject when possible. Well, I'm taking the plunge. And for anyone who actually knows me, I'm devilishly patient. Borderline assassin patient. And I've every expectation of taking my time as I build an appetizing concept for the general public's consumption. But not just yet.
For now, while on my comic book art trip(state of mind), I'll suffice to develop something along the same lines: A sci-fi epilogue. The actual nuts and bolts of the tale I call The Beginning Of Zero has already been written in standard comic book format. This prequel really unveils how the story took root in the most unlikely of places... the Quantum Consciousness. Don't fall asleep yet! It's actually a pretty cool story. In picture form. But don't all great tales deserve pictogram's?

The Beginning Of Zero is the story of a race of humanoid machines facing imminent extinction at the hands of a strange virus called Nod. The Simaraq's have known a seemingly eternal existence that has lasted thousands of years, never having faced the prospect of their own mortality. Wielding a power so strange and wonderful their minds easily cross parallel planes of reality, occupying space and time in a fractal universe they dub The Zero-Verse. When an ancient prophecy fulfills itself, ending in an almost complete annihilation of their species, one brave scientist will weigh the future of his people against the birth of a new universe more powerful than his own. Ours.

I wrote The Trial Of Esow a while back when contemplating the idea that if a being with Godlike powers entered our universe, able to be seen at every level of human existence and beyond, and if during his birth, millions of lives were laid waste, how would we greet such a being? I concluded that in this multi-layered reality, where imaginary creatures and mythical entities all shared a corporeal state, Esow would be put on trial for crimes of murder on a universal scale.

The Beginning Of Zero examines the seed that became a thought. And the thought that became a man called Esow, the destroyer of worlds, and the liberator of the Zero-Verse.

I'll be posting the first of a weekly assignment of strips starting tomorrow. Hope you like the concept and the work that's done in straight ink, no planning or layouts. Just an image cranked out over an early morning breakfast or between StarTrek reruns. With just the right balance of the 4 food groups: Action, science, spirituality, and some cool line work. I hope. Everything a growing nerd needs(like me!). Clean your plate! I'll be back in 5.

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
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