Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hey folks! Just wanted to deliver an update on my art and winter working schedule.

I said goodbye to Comic Book Idol 3 with one more submission for the road. Namely, Spiderman And His Amazing Friends! An open concept from the minds at CBR and Marvel to gauge our(artists) storytelling ability, in addition to our writing chops, although the piece didn't involve lettering. 4 pages plus cover, which in my case also doubled as a page 5 closer(pin-up).

The CBI3 winner this year is Jon Reed, a soon to be ex-accountant with a bright future in comics. Congrats Jon!

On my radar for the fall are several cool projects. First up, my book The Sire: Revelations 3 is due out from Aftershock Comics at the end of November. Ask your retailer for the 411, or go to mikebooks.com and order it from Diamond online. I'll be posting pics from that book shortly. The Aftershock team were in full effect at WWTX this past weekend, so I hope you passed by and said hello. I'll know if you didn't.

I've jumped head first into a cool Werewolf tale with Craig Court, Australian magic weaver extraordinaire. It'll be dark, graphic, and straight up my alley.

Pat Loika has penned a somber 8-page western introspective that I'll be hatching in the days and weeks to come for Ape Entertainment. Full colour fun for everyone.

An modern day sci-fi pitch for Jamie Cottle's "Scarab". Look out for some pics soon.

Some film projects on the horizon that I'm super hyped about! Illustration, scripting, and directing on multiple fronts. I may even find time to eat an apple! Stay tuned!

Check out the Spidey pics to view them full size! More "Zero" to put up in the upcoming days.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks CBR!

This is my appreciation piece for the fine moderators and dungeon masters over at CBR, and for the fans and supporters of mine throughout the short period I was a contender. Under fluorescent lighting, it also doubles as a submission piece, a handy pin-up, and a biblical scroll(if you know how to read it!). Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

CBI3: Round 3: Countdown to Armageddon!

My palms are itchy, the grass outside my window has taken on an unusual brownish hue, and the skies around my tiny patch of land have started to turn red with envy. I immediately refer to my Big Book. The one that tells of awful things to come, and sadly, my worst fears have come to pass. These are indeed, signs of the Apocalypse!

In my defense, I did everything I could to avoid it.

During my last round in CBR's earth shattering battle of the pencil-pushers, I turned in a 3-page submission of the INVINCIBLE variety. Thought I'd take a few liberties and have fun with piece, with all respect to the book's pioneers, Kirkman and Ottley, and endeavored to deliver an impression I'd hoped the CBR townsfolk might enjoy. Suffice it to say, my maniacal creation took on a life of its own, and I've found myself running the rolling hills screaming for peace and goodwill while my neighbours chase me from the confines of CBI3, with pitchfork and flaming torches in hand no less. Truly, signs the end is indeed near. Ha! Thanks to MightyFineLine for the awesome banners warning everyone of their impending fate! They're so cool!

Well, the fat lady has sung, and now we're sitting down to a nice 3 course meal. I had a great run on CBI3 and will cherish those memories for a lifetime. The fans and voters made the experience what it was. An exhilerating rollercoaster ride of monumental proportions, pitting artist against artist in a no-holds-barred draw to the death. Okay, maybe not. But it was exciting in that certain things were revealed to me about my character that I hadn't suspected before. Mainly, how many times I can hit the refresh button on my laptop without blinking. And more noticibly, how menacing a contest deadline seems when it looms over you like the kiss of death! Honestly, the viewers commentaries and dreaded anxiety over what the judges might impart was really what drove the excitement home for me. It was like being part of something much larger and more alive than yourself. Aware that at any time the work might take on a life of its own, and wishfully, a voice of its own. I hope my work added some tangible furtherance to the process, and I'm glad that so many people enjoyed it.

My aim is to generate a reaction, an emotional response to the work. Something I've learnt from great movie directors and prolific writers of my time and long ago. I can remember an old piece of footage that to shed some light on the inner workings and behind the scenes magic of The Exorcist. When audiences braved the spector of a fearful evening out at the cinema, many were overtaken with revulsion, depression and bouts of paranoia. Even falling victim to fainting spells in the foyers of many now defunct cinema houses. Similar emotional outpourings have followed various poets, novelists and of course the occasional musician(right?). It's that passionate response I aim for, be it laughter, fear, compassion, or despair. My favorite works have all held this fascination, filling me with the same hair raising adoration I now hope to pass on to future fans. If I'm indeed blessed to have some. Typically this tightrope trick is managed in the presence of a good production team, put in place to ensure that the work stays on track and optimizes the best of all creative worlds, while maintaining the illusion of danger and awe for the viewers.

My undying gratitude to the official Dungeon Masters over at CBR who put on a boombastic event! I'm sorry I can't stay to clean up after the party but the remaining contestants are in good hands. They(CBR) went the distance for me on more than one occasion and I would recommend the experience to any aspiring artist on the cusp of print heaven. A competition like this held in the spirit fairplay and artistic fellowship is a one-of-a-kind affair, attracting luminaries from all across the industry and beyond. The name of the game is exposure here.

Thanks to the judges for imparting their invaluable pearls of wisdom and in the process making us better artists. Perhaps even smarter ones. Their volunteer work is deeply appreciated and surpassed only by the artists that serve as the contest's core. All 185+ entrants started out with dreams of being published/recognized in one form or another and contributed to the overall energy in ways that each of us value inherently. Raising the bar ever so quietly, but surely. The top ten are a talented group of visionaries with nothing but wonderful prospects for the future. Guys like me don't believe in luck for the most part, but I know those within eye-shot will understand the underlying theme: All the best of luck to the remaining four! Kudos on your success! I'll see you when I see you.

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
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