Friday, February 1, 2008

Draw To Live! Movie Mania and Werewolves!

I guess a Happy New Year! is in order. So I pray it's still happy and relatively new for you.

January has been hectic, in that post apocalyptic, sweet christmas!, holy hannah! kind of way. As a professional storyboarder you can always count on a few dry spell months every year to raise your blood pressure and inspire the occasional panic attack(I'm used to it now). So when opportunity comes-a-knockin', you greet him arms open and chilled brewskies on tap, mindful of the fact that he may not pass back your way for a time. During last month's rollercoaster ride jobwise, I saw fit to put in the time necessary to shore up some hefty debts and put me in a zen space for continuing my comic book fetish. As always, when reserves run low, I go looking for that enigmatic "stranger", roaming the countryside with a satchel full of jobs for all(mainly illustrators, sorry!)

I was blessed to have fielded calls for the usual suspects, namely tv commercials for everything from beer to insurance groups, and as I mentioned in past posts, some film work as well. After The Mummy 3 I had expected a bit of a layover, but quick on it's tail was the aforementioned sci-fi Screamers 2 now in production, a thriller called Orphan for Dark Castle, and most recently begun work on the euro flic City Of Shadows for a longtime director bro of mine. On the comic side my short cowboy tale for the Outlaw Territories Anthology is finished on my end, and now in its colouring phase, and due out this year through Image Comics(changed from Ape Ent.). Seen some colour treatments from Mudcat on Deviantart and they're SICK! And I'm wrapping up my first Werewolf book called Torn with just a smidgen of pages left to completion.

Then I'm going snowboarding.

Below my cowboy page are snippets of my life while on the board. Be it my Waterloo GraveYard(Waterloo is the co brand that makes those cool auto mechanic tool drawers I use for my supplies), or reading architectural plans(God Bless that degree!) for boarding shots, nuzzled next to character designs, and a bevy of paper on and above my board that showcases the reference, feature film storyboards I crank out while reading the script pasted to my board, and full out comic book pages in their production phase. ALTERNATION is the name of the game, folks. Oh, and plenty of talk radio. Yep.

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
Directing Kids 3D Animation Series