Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Montreal Comic Con held on the 27th of April was a joy to attend, as usual. The organizers are attentive and kind to their guests and take every opportunity to be accomodative to artists and retailers alike. I met some Montreal additions to the artistic elite like Stephen Molnar and enjoyed the new works of hometown pencilers Eric Theriault and Wes Craig.

I sat down to a line-up of sketch requests that lasted the duration of the show and managed to get a few copies from some very nice fans. There are more out there. Somewhere. Enjoy!

A Batch Of Personal Sketches!

Strumming In NYC!

It amazing to think how much you can miss something you didn't know you loved. I love NYC.

The last time I took in The Big Apple's sights and sounds was back in 2002 I believe, hoping to show my support for the fine men and women who worked diligently to clear Ground Zero and restore the city to its natural glory.

It was blocked off then, and I prefered to make a formal visit back to the newly reconstructed site when my family and I could go as a unit. So, many years later and still head over heels for the city's gritty interior I drove in, sick to the gills but persistent to enjoy a comic con like only NYC can put on.

The NYCC is a fabulous show. Period. And as an east coaster if we get a chance to see one show a year, this is the one. But I digress. If you're reading this blog then I'm actually preaching to the converted. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

Between long sleeps and hotel meditation sessions I managed to meet with a few cats I hadn't seen in a while, some editorial staff from some of the biggies(who I'm proud to call friends), and a smattering of employers in the present, and future tense. Two seminars, no purchases, lots of food and plasma tv, cough medicine, and a chance to see some of the most exciting upcoming events in comics. I didn't make the Chesterquest elite but I did make a hardcore friend at The House Of M. Also, my pal C.B. Cebulski went above and beyond the call of duty for me at the show and I'll forever be thankful. Thanks, man. I missed my Comic Book Idol comrades led by J. Torres for a long overdue meet and greet and wish I hadn't. I tried to limit my contact with folks so I wouldn't pass the flu on and exited the show promptly after my meetings.

A fortnight later and I'm back in The Rental bound for Montreal. 6 hours there and back. A 2-hour border wait and Quebec took me back into its cold embrace. Safe and sound. Probably the most beautifully serene drive I can remember through Albany and its surroundings. The stillness and meditation must have worked because 3 days in to what I knew would be a nasty flu the symptoms relatively disappeared, almost over night. By day 2 of the NYCC I was back to my normal, adorable self.
So, on the home front, I'm almost finished TORN #2 and cranking out some pitchwork, painted material, and tv contracts to subsidize income for the usual suspects. Little stuff like bills, heat shelter, you know the rest, and having the time of my life working from home. In between pages I strum the guitar to come up with new and exciting page layouts to wonder and amaze, and so far, the results are smelling roses. In my humble opinion. Next post: sketches from my corner at Montreal's latest comic con. Stay tuned.

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
Directing Kids 3D Animation Series