Thursday, May 21, 2009


My latest addition to the Brom Kah franchise includes a few cropped pieces of artwork seen here. Garrett Adderley the character's creator and publisher commissioned me for a few concept pages and I went to town on them! Suffice it to say I had a BLAST, and you can too for the low price of.... Oh just follow the link for the full pages. Don't say I never did anything for you guys!

Look out for Garrett's book of Brom coming out soon, and take a gander at some other artists renditions of his barbaric hero at the same link!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A JohJames Exclusive!!!

An interview I did with Ryan and Vlaz, two cool chaps over at Pow!ComicsReviews. Haven't done something like this since CBI3. It was totally a blast! Enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009


The reviews are in and they are SPECTACULAR! Here is a collection of just a few I found online that speak glowingly of Marvel's Assistant Sized Spectacular #2.

Ryan Scribbles and Vlaz of POW!ComicReviews wrote:

"Probably my favorite out of the bunch, which is strange, because I usually gravitate towards anything with a lot of humor in it over anything else. This story is what Marvel (and a fair number of other comic companies) need right now. A well written, wonderfully drawn monster-fantasy comic. It’s still based with continuity and the 616 but it’s a take on things that aren’t construed by outside influences (i.e. Dark Reign) and allows Marvel to flex some talent that isn’t just a tie-in. Great bullet-flying mystic-mashing action. Elsa Bloodstone is a supremely underappreciated character and it’s nice to see her getting some panel time."


David Wallace of ComicsBulletin wrote:

"My second favourite story sees writer Chris Yost and artist Joh James do their best nextwave impression in an Elsa Bloodstone story called "Daddy's Little Girl." It's a straightforward monster-hunter vs. monsters story that (as the title suggests) also allows Elsa to explore her daddy issues. Yost's script is heavy on internal narration and light on dialogue, which helps to give the action a sense of speed and urgency. James's artwork is a little reminiscent of Stuart Immonen (with perhaps a touch of Chris Bachalo thrown in), with angular character designs and funky layouts that give the story a distinctive visual identity."


Pete, Justin and Alex of ComicBookClub posted a great review of the book and its stories on their taped broadcast over on YOUTUBE:


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Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
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