Sunday, July 25, 2010

More RPM Fun!

Here's the last pin-up! Hope you enjoyed the SDCC!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

RPM Pin-Up 2.0

As a tribute to the SDCC currently in progress I'll be posting pin-ups for Mick Foley's RPM all this weekend. Here's poster no.2!! Look out for another one tomorrow. Cheers!

Friday, July 23, 2010


These are just samples of Revere and company in action! MORE goodies to come! Stay tuned.

RPM : Behind The Scenes

Enjoy the sneak peeks, gang!!

RPM for 12Gauge Comics

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’ll be a regular contributor on 12GAUGE’s RPM, written by world renowned wrestler and best selling author MICK FOLEY and partner Shane Riches. With covers exquisitely crafted by the man himself, Brian Stelfreeze.

As described in an interview conducted on CBR, ‘The title follows car driver Revere Windsor, a descendant of the legendary Paul Revere, as he races from Boston to Miami to deliver an important package. Some international criminals and government agencies look to permanently detour the hero, but thankfully he holds a secret under his metaphorical hood: a hyper kinetic depth perception that allows him to see and react to things faster than anyone else.’

When I got the call from Keven Gardner, owner/EIC of 12GAUGE Comics to draw the 4-issue series I almost fell off my chair. The company has a rich diversity of books and stories that boggle the imagination, coupled with an insane round table of heavy hitters ensuring production value, and artist alumni that would make any comic book enthusiast weep with envy. Doug Wagner, Ron Marz, Brian Stelfreeze, Chuck Dixon, Adam Hughes, Jason Pearson, Karl Story, and Cully Hamner, just to name a few. Damn good company to keep especially for a newbie like me!!! You may have seen some of their books : The Ride, O.C.T., Body Bags…

RPM is one of the new properties slated for the fall and we’re in great shape having completed the first three installments to date, and blessed to have snagged the talents of long-time buddy and superstar Michael E. Wiggam (StarWars:The Clone Wars) to lay down the colour gauntlet for the books.

Enjoy some sneak peeks from the series and a few behind the scenes roughs created during the project’s inception. I’ll be posting some pin-ups in the upcoming days so stay tuned! And if you care to read more about Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley and his foray into comics check out the aforementioned interview for RPM over on Comic Book Resources.

As we speak the San Diego Comic Con is underway and showing the industry’s biggest and brightest. If you’re a fan of Mick’s, 12GAUGE, Boondock Saints, or just excited to see more RPM material (ashcans, posters), pass by the 12Gauge booth (2045) and show some love!!

Cheers, All!


A heartfelt thanks to Samantha over at Studio Technique in Montreal for allowing me to retrace my steps as a teacher and share some insights in some impromptu courses I gave earlier this year. We focused on the fundamentals of character design and dynamic posing, gesture, clothing, facial construction, and basic anatomy.

Thanks to my faithful student body (Manny, Philippe, DJ, Mathieu, Dre, and Todd) who took my drawing intensive, lumps and all, and survived to draw another day. Congrats, guys!! Well done!

Samantha Youssef is an amazing instructor with a healthy background in feature animation having worked for plenty of the bigs, including Disney on a variety of projects. Gaming production houses regularly seek her life drawing sessions and courses to better their staffers and technicians. Did I mention she was a student at my school once? Circle of life: The student becomes the master, and the master becomes the learner! And there’s so much left to learn!! Check out her studio online.


I Shoulda Had A...

I think this may be my second or third V8 ad in over a decade’s worth of storyboarding. We went through many versions of the family and backdrop before resting with the final look. Drink your vegetables, kids!!




From time to time I get a request for the occasional try-out and I’m usually happy to oblige. It can be time consuming and tricky, given that I’m not always paid to produce these pages, and one always has to juggle other assignments and focus on time management. As a freelancer, for those of you contemplating the perils of the business of illustration, it’s customary to work solidly for short periods (commercial bursts) and find yourself knee deep in unemployment shortly thereafter (without UI benefits), and for prolonged periods of time. This year alone I’ve survived multiple dry spells, where catching up becomes an exercise humility and painstaking optimism that often defies all odds. Through this an artist must draw up the courage to persevere, and take opportunities as they come, be they sure footed or hopeful alike.

Here are a few try-outs I gladly embarked on this year: A BOOM page, some Euro work, and a Terry Fox project.


Long time no see, folks! I’m still too bogged down with deadlines to really contribute on a regular basis around here, but I definitely wanted to catch up with a few diddy’s from time to time. It’s CON season and you’re probably hot on the trail of your fave artist, signing, con function or prize in the aisles, so remember to pass by the Artist Alley at your local show and show your support for the creator types. I’m too buried freelance-wise to enjoy some of that awesome convention atmosphere but be sure to hook me up with details if you’re in the neighbourhood. I’ll put on a pot of tea and break out the good biscuits!!

Below are a few dynamic colour renditions from my UK collaborator Simon Gough. He sent me these fantastic pieces and I just had to share them. Pencils by me, inks on Wolverine by Chris Valkonen aka VAKS.

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)

Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
Directing Kids 3D Animation Series