Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AFFLICTED : A New Graphic Novel

Proud to announce that my new Graphic Novel AFFLICTED has just popped up on the comic book scene! Last year I had the pleasure of brainstorming with fellow creator and scribe Shane Riches on a 4-issue compilation that will now see print through another familiar haunt, 12GaugeComics.

This is a warm and fuzzy reunion for our holy trinity, having collaborated on a previously acclaimed series called RPM with wrestler and New York Times bestseller Mick Foley.

Our newest creation AFFLICTED is a teen horror adventure, dripping with peer pressure, teenage angst, raging hormones and all the trappings of high school life. Throw into the mix the gift of superhuman abilities governed by typically irresponsible, uncontrollable teens and you've got yourself the makings of a powder keg. A real world scenario inspired by the same archetypal beginnings
we've come to know and love in comics, but with darker, more sinister implications. Not everyone goes the Peter Parker route;)

Comic Book Resources has just released a beautiful full colour 12-page preview, in addition to 6 promo teasers, and an awesome interview with the series creator Shane Riches. With art by yours truly and colours by the incredible Andrew Covalt.

Here's an excerpt :

"Teenagers with powers are a staple of superhero comics, the origins of many established heroes, like Spider-Man, involving a responsible and unassuming teen acquiring incredible power, which they eventually use for the good of all mankind. Of course, in the real world teenagers aren't all responsible, upstanding and mature citizens, and they're not always ready to use their power for the greater good. This fact of life is something 12-Gauge Comics will to explore in its upcoming title "Afflicted."

Written by Shane Riches with art by Jose Holder, "Afflicted" reunites the creative team behind 12-Gauge's "R.P.M." to follow the journey of Madison Thomas, who has just moved to Yuma, Arizona following her mother's death. Madison falls for Kevin, the leader of the most feared clique in high school: teenagers with incredible powers. Through a chain of events, Madison gets powers of her own and has to decide what she wants to use them for.

"Afflicted" will see print as an original graphic novel in September, but also launches this week as part of 12-Gauge's latest digital initiative to help raise awareness and attention of the project in anticipation of the print release -- a first for the publisher."

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Jerry And The Raiders (2013)
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